Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Delicious, Dairy, and Greek (sort of)

Spanakopita is a Greek pastry made of phyllo dough that is filled with spinach, feta cheese, and onions and baked until puffy and golden brown. It is somewhat similar to a bureka. I recently came upon a food blog post in which the blogger describes his efforts to create an open faced version of this treat, sort of a cross between spanakopita and pizza. He named it, of course, spanakopizza. He used layers of phyllo dough in place of pizza dough, and even rolled up some phyllo sheets to form a rimmed crust around the pizza. The phyllo is topped with spinach, feta, onions, red peppers, dill, and mozzarella and baked like a pizza. The end result looks absolutely delicious.
While the blog itself is not kosher, all of the ingredients in this particular recipe are kosher. Clear, step by step instructions are provided, along with beautiful pictures that will make your mouth water:

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