Monday, January 19, 2009

Always Fail Kosher Blog

The AFKB is a dish best served rare(ly, or never for best results.) If done right though, it can serve hundreds and sometimes more.


Bored teenager (preferably fresh out of sem/yeshiva,) slightly undone mentally
1 laptop
a couple of dates (for material)
dash of unwarranted confidence in creative writing
a selection of similarly dysfunctional gen-Y'ers for feedback and comments.

Preparation time: Usually 1 rainy night after too much narcissistic self indulgent self doubt/pity/reflection. Beware: AFKB will become irrelevant within a year or two at which point the blog will either become moldy or destroyed somehow.

Directions: Bring laptop to young, bored person and attach to internet. At this point, young person might not be seen for extended periods and surface with square eyes. Do not panic - this is normal dysfunction.
Let them wonder what the hell they need the $700 thing for before slowly folding in inflated confidence in writing capability and whipping up the dates.
At this point, simply let the weird creation rise on its own as the other self-obsessed organisms pepper the blog with (what they think are) witty and relevant comments.

Variation: Have the main ingredient in conflict about their religion/recently divorced/in a retirement home with limited mental ability (for extra laughs.)


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